Cheese Trolley at Appleby Manor

As a previous recipient of a "highly recommended" award in the Best British cheese board of the year competition, we have an extensive cheese list mainly sourced from local Cumbrian cheese producers which include Thornby Moor Dairy, Wensleydale Dairy, Appleby Creamery, Wardhall Dairy and the Cumberland Dairy.

Chef Chris Thompson chooses a selection of five of our cheeses each night to appear on the cheese trolley accompanied with fresh celery, fruit bowl, mixed nuts, home-made chutneys, dessert wines and port.

  • Allerdale Cheese
    Soft fat cheese made from goats milk giving an unusual strong flavour. Pure white in colour and a award winning cheese from Thornby Moor Dairy.

    Allerdale Smoked Full-flavoured soft fat cheese made from goats milk, lightly smoked over oak.

  • Black Dub Blue
    A soft mild creamy blue veined pasturised cows milk cheese. made locally from the milk provided by farms around Appleby.

  • Bowland Farmhouse
    Old cheese recipe from north Lancashire's dark Pennine hills. Soft fat, well matured and laced with apples, sultanas and cinnamon to make a fine dessert in its own right and a nice way to sweeten the palate.

  • Cobble Tasty
    A hard-pressed cheese, made from pasturised cows milk, matured in cloth binding for up to 12 months for a sharp and flavoursome tang.

  • Cumberland Farmhouse
    A strong-flavoured, hard and fat muslin-wrapped cheese produced from cows milk at Thornby Moor Dairy near Wigton. Delicious accompanied with brandy or dessert wine for a taste of the harsh Lake District mountains.

  • Cumberland Smoked
    Strong-flavoured Cumberland farmhouse cows milk cheese oak smoked in Thornby Moor Dairy's own smokehouse.

  • Crofton Farmhouse
    A fine blend of cows and goats milk originating in the border country, this hard fat cheese is traditionally matured in muslin for an earthy yet pleasant flavour.

  • Croglin
    A rich, smooth bodied Ewes-milk cheese with a natural rind which lends a contrasting nutty texture and finish.

  • Eden Valley Brie
    A superb hand-made Jersymilk Brie made locally by the Appleby dairy. Distinctive rich flavour and yellow colour from this pasturised cheese.

  • Ribblesdale
    Very soft ewes-milk cheese originating from the Ribble valley on the old border between Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumberland. Lightly Smoked over oak shavings for an extra sharp taste, now made in Ripon, North Yorkshire by Fountains Dairy.
  • Smoked Ribblesdale
    Very soft ewes-milk cheese originating from the Ribble valley on the old border between Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumberland. Smoked for longer to produce a stronger cheese.

  • Stilton
    The king of English cheeses. Soft and fat with heavy blue veins. This classical cheese is the pride of the small town of Melton Mowbray.

  • Swaledale Farmhouse (Ewes)
    Creamy soft cheese from the milk of Dales-bred ewes, traditionally made at the richmond creamery and bound in fine black wax to retain the unique fruity flavour.

  • Swaledale Farmhouse (Cows)
    Creamy soft cheese from the milk of dales-bred cows, traditionally made at the Richmond creamery and bound in fine white wax to retain the unique fruity flavour.

  • Tovey
    A semi-soft, naturally mould ripened goats cheese made at Thornby Moor Dairy, Cumbria.

  • Wensleydale Farmhouse
    Pure white medium fat cheese from the fells of the northern Yorkshire Dales. traditionally made at Hawes Dairy for nearly 150 years. The delicate fruity flavour lends itself to fresh English pears or hot apple pie.

  • Wensleydale Blue
    White Medium fat cheese made at Hawes Dairy in the northern Dales, long matured and laced with fine blue veins for an extra crisp flavour.

  • Westmorland Cheddar
    Traditionally made classical English cheese uniquely produced by Appleby Creamery, medium fat, 14 month matured, with a full-bodied fruity flavour. An excellent accompaniment to all types of fresh fruit and light dessert wines.

  • Wardhall Blue
    A creamy blue veined goats milk cheese with good flavour and flavoursome tang. Made at the Wardhall Dairy, Wigton Cumbria.